Starter Kit

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With this pack you can design, make and code a range of exciting projects including:

  • a lighthouse,
  • traffic lights,
  • morse code machine,
  • frustration game

with plenty of opportunities to design your own projects.


  • BBC Micro:Bit
  • 1m flat USB cable
  • 3 Crocodile clips
  • 1 Crocodile clip to three pin connectors
  • 3 LEDs
  • Mini speaker
  • Battery holder
  • Bendy, conductive wire
  • 15cm by 9cm correx sheet
  • Cardboard box, can be used for traffic lights or music box
  • Access to the online tutorial.

Does not include consumables such as batteries or paper cup etc.


Included with your purchase is access to the online video tutorials. These animated videos guide the user through the course. The first videos explain what the Micro:Bit is, how to code it and connect it to a computer or tablet.

Each video in the course then builds upon coding skills and knowledge with projects getting increasingly more complex.

The picture to the right shows just a few of the activities available.

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**Does not include batteries.**

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